Technical / Engineering

Through many years of new product development across five major product areas UEC has accumulated engineering experience which provides customers with the full range of professional and flexible services required for manufacturing. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in product development, new product introduction, assembly process planning, test system programming, and quality analysis.

Through our teamwork we provide customers with:

  • Design-for-manufacturability recommendations enabling customers to design products which can be introduced into production smoothly, shorten the product development cycle and minimizing production cost.
  • A flexible and convenient new product introduction program to provide customers with manufactured trial samples in a timely manner.
  • A variety of development test equipment, software and procedures to verify reliability and ensure product performance with stability both in manufacturing and throughout its life cycle.
  • The experienced professional materials management team at UEC has established a flexible, efficient, international (Shanghai, Taiwan, Japan) supply chain with good relationships with both well-known international suppliers and their local agents.
  • UEC has established and maintains a comprehensive data base containing information on a large number of suppliers to achieve reliable product, best delivery, lowest price and multiple sources.
  • We use a world-class Oracle ERP data processing system to ensure timely, accurate, and cost effective completion of all purchased material orders.
  • UEC is committed to reducing the material acquisition costs through good vendor relationships and improved internal efficiency so that we will remain competitive, build customer loyalty, and increase our share in the EMS market for small-volume, high-mix, high-quality products.



  • Our supply chain management coordinates global transportation utilizing a variety of domestic and international carriers.


  • UEC is a Customs Class A enterprise.
  • We have an established customs bonded warehouse within the company.
  • We use an Import Customs Authorized electronic records system (commonly referred to as D Books).
  • UEC has independent import and export rights, allowing us to independently issue customs declarations.


  • UEC has a segregated electronic components warehouse.
  • Our constant temperature and humidity warehouse provides strictly- controlled storage of moisture-sensitive devices.
  • We employ an Oracle world-class ERP logistics management system.
  • Our Intelligent FIFO feeding system assures always-fresh components.


Surface Mount Technology (SMT) process capability:

UEC has three fully-automated, high-precision chip production lines using equipment imported from Europe, the United States and Japan. These flexible production lines with their well-trained staff provide diversification and can be configured to efficiently provide either low volume or mass production. Our equipment includes:

  • Panasonic NPM-series Mounter for component placement of smallest industry Fine Pitch chips (0.1”X 0.05”) with high precision, and reliable production.
  • Kohyoung SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) equipment, an online 3D solder paste inspection machine that can detect “links”, the largest source of quality problem in SMT solder paste printing. This effective monitoring prevents most of the potential problems early in the production cycle. to detected poor soldering and ensure that defective products are weeded out.
  • Viscom 3D AOI(Automatic Optical Inspection with CCD camera lens) and the SAKI high-speed test AOI
  • Dage X-RAY and ERSA BGA Rework Station, advanced European inspection and rework equipment required for production of the BGA (Ball Grid Array) products
  • Additional production equipment including modern solder paste process, lead / lead-free soldering process, red glue dispensing equipment, nitrogen-protected soldering reflow oven and FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) processing equipment.
  • UEC is equipped First Article Inspection(FAI) epuipment

Process Capability:

  • Minimum SMT components size: 0.4*0.2mm(British 01005);
  • Maximum SMT components size: 90*120mm(for connector is 25*150mm);
  • PCB Size(max): 510*460mm;
  • PCB we can process: Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB (FPC), Rigid-Flexible PCB、Aluminum board, etc
  • Process: Solder Paste Process、Red Glue Dispensing Process、Nitrogen Protection, etc.

Assembly and testing process capability:

The assembly plant has three operating insertion lines with a wave soldering stove and a variety of test equipment including ICT (In-Circuit test), ATE (Automatic Test Equipment), FCT (Functional Circuit Test), and (EOL) End-Of-Line test. We also have:

  • A fully automatic cutter points plate and an automatic V-CUT scoreboard to meet a variety of regular and irregular PC board shapes. The fully automatic scoreboard cutter performs safe, clean, and efficient separation of PC board assemblies without mechanical stress to components or solder joints.
  • Complete and effective the electrostatic protection systems throughout our factory to ensure that products not subject to ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) that might damage electronic components during production or handling.
  • Economical and efficient Asymtek automatic and semi-automatic selective spraying equipment to meet a variety of sizes the PC board assemblies and different conformal coating thickness requirements.
  • A professional aging (life test) laboratory and programmable rapid hot and cold impact test chamber to provide a variety of conditions for engineering experiments, and quality verifications.
  • We have Metallographic Grinder and Metallographic analysis equipment which are able to analysis components、PCB and welding quality internally.
  • Multifunctional automatic parts preparation equipment that can accurately and efficiently provide a variety of lead forming shapes such as outside "K" type, inside "K" type, "R" type, shear pin or curved legs.

Quality Assurance

Quality Management

UEC has implemented the IATF16949 automotive quality management system in accordance with the PDCA quality system methodology and customer requirements.As shown by the pyramid below, UEC has a strict controls on the process and continuous audits to ensure high quality and reliable products.

• Use VDA6.3 to do regular production process audit
• Use VDA6.5 to do regular product audit


Supplier Quality Management
UEC has a broad supplier management program to provide effective long-term solutions to various customer needs, while ensuring the delivery of quality materials. To evaluate and select potential suppliers UEC uses the state-of-the-art automotive industry VDA6.3 evaluation system. We constantly develop new high-quality suppliers through a wealth of industry experience and skills. In the start-up phase of a new project, the development of the potential key suppliers will include effective monitoring, improvement of the quality system at the supplier, and supply chain risk minimization to ensure product quality and timely delivery. Supplier performance assessment focuses on continuous improvement through the deployment of the PDCA methodology shown previously above. For all suppliers, our hierarchical vendor management includes annual audits, quarterly performance ratings, and quality conferences whenever required.