Industrial Control

Industrial Control is our constantly growing market sector. We manufacture a wide variety of Industrial control products for industrial applications, such as thermostats, inverters, servo drives, factory automation equipment, elevator controls, motor control panels, high-speed printers, high-speed rolling doors, electric control valves, robot control units, and fire & security products…etc.


UEC obtained IATF16949 certification in 2004, has rich experience in the field of automotive electronics. We have worked in close cooperation with world-class TIER-1 automotive accessory suppliers, and have passed audits by high-end manufacturers such as VW, BMW, SGM, Audi, and Visteon.

UEC produces automobile assemblies including bus dashboard, sensor, LTE antenna, charging pile, Motor & Driving system, ignition, power window control system, air conditioner controls, wiper sensor board, lane departure warning system, night vision system, tire pressure monitoring system, digital TV receiver, remote lock module, amplifier antenna etc.


UEC manufactures communications base stations, current overload protectors, network communication interface, VoIP and ADSL products, cable modems, Wi-Fi modules, FSK wireless transceiver and fax modems.

Power & Energy

Power & Energy is the most promising development direction of UEC. We’ve been working with world famous power& energy companies, and providing them products for applications of new energy vehicles、wind power master controllers& pitch motion controllers.


UEC possess manufacturing expertise and superior quality in fields of ambient air detection, water quality detection, methane detection etc. as well.